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Tandem Products – Rhino Hyde® Urethane Wear Products

Tandem Products, Inc. is a Minnesota-based company specializing in the production and sale of abrasion-resistant products. Tandem Product’s Rhino Hyde® product line has been serving the material handling industry since 1965.

Rhino Hyde Chute.PNG

Weldable Polyuretane Liners

Tandem Sheets.PNG

Urethane Sheets

Built for the ultimate in abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance

Tandem Screen Media.PNG

Modular Panels

Standard and High Open Area screening products

Tandem Magnetic Skirt Belting.png


Durable liners reduce materials sticking, reduce noise, and provide superior protection

Tandem Ceraflex Panels - Rhino Hyde Products.png

Rhino Hyde® Ceramic Liners

Ceraflex™ Ceramic Liner, Uramic Ceramic Liner

Tandem Disc Filter Sectors - Rhino Hyde Products.png

Rhino Hyde® Disc Filter Sectors are manufactured using a proprietary urethane formulation that will not corrode, is lightweight, and was designed to operate in a wide range of PH's and temperatures.

Tandem Crossover Pads - Rhino Hyde Products.png

Rhino Hyde® cross-over pads are produced from a tough durable urethane.

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