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Magnetic Separator Repair & Rebuild

Champion Charter offers a Magnetic Separator Drum repair and rebuild program. We have the expertise, knowledge, and skill to properly rebuild magnetic separator drums to OEM specifications.  All our repairs go through a detailed inspection process upon arrival with a detailed repair report, that goes to the customer, so they understand the type and level of repair being performed.

We work with manufacturers, machine shops, and support services that are local to the Iron Range and others from Minnesota. We have standardized repair procedures that ensure we perform every repair to a high-quality standard that meets our customers' needs.

We repair and rebuild magnetic separator drums ranging in size from 3’ x 8’ to 4’ x 10’. Magnetic Separator drums can be found in the Cobber, Rougher, Finisher, and Cleaner positions on the production line. We also have the capability to build complete replacement drums.

Champion Charter also has the capability to rebuild and build new Magnetic Separator Tanks along with the repair and rebuild of the Drive Motor gearboxes for the above equipment.

Mag Sep.PNG
Tear Down Inspection 4x10 Mag Sep.jpg
Rebuilt 4x10 Mag Sep.png
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