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Our Story

Champion Charter has been serving our customers' and manufacturers' needs for over 70 years.

What is Champion Charter Sales and Service?


We are an Industrial Distribution company that’s been providing industrial goods and services since 1946. The products and services we provide are directly related to the manufacturing industry they are operating within. We have three locations: Iron Mountain MI, Ishpeming MI, and Hibbing MN. We are a company that is proud to be part of our local communities, we’re Loyal to Local, and we also support our local community efforts.

Our customers can be found in many areas: Ore Mining, Sand-Gravel-Aggregate, Silica Sand Mining, Specialty Mining, Under Ground Mining, Lumber Mills, OSB Mills, Pulp and Paper, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Beverage, Distribution Warehouses, Water Well, Municipalities, Specialty Manufacturing, Power, Biomass and OEMs’

Our Territory is Michigan Upper Peninsula, Northern Lower Michigan, Northeastern Upper Wisconsin, Southwestern Wisconsin - Minnesota border, Minnesota Iron Range, Duluth MN – Superior Wi.


A little bit about our Branch Locations:


Iron Mountain is our corporate headquarters along with inside support. Also found in Iron Mountain is our MMH (Modern Materials Handling) shop. For over 30 years we have sold and serviced forklifts, our major brands have been, Nissan, Clark, and Nobel Lift. We work on and service all brands. We have the capability to perform on-site services or we can do more in-depth work in our shop. We also have used equipment and the ability to do short- and longer-term rentals or lease on new and used equipment.

Ishpeming MI is a stocking warehouse with sales, inside sales, and warehouse support located at the branch. Out of the Ishpeming branch, we have to ability to perform HUCK tool repair, banding tool repair, Landa Pressure washer repair, make deliveries as required/necessary, Cut – Splice – Lace, and deliver conveyor belting, HWI refractory products, wet or dry process filtration bags, HUCK specialty fasteners, process pumps for slurry, dewatering and municipalities, spiral weld pipe, lined piped and fittings, ceramics and industrial coatings for abrasion, wear or ambient conditions. Drill steel and deck bushings. Screening and classification, deck panels, wire screens, rubber, and urethane products. Conveyor idlers, trainers, impact beds.


Hibbing MN is a stocking warehouse, inside support, along with a fully staffed repair, recondition and rebuild shop. We have the ability to perform mobile on-site service for Landa Pressure washers and have a fully stocked service van and make deliveries as required/necessary.  We offer HWI refractory products, wet or dry process filtration bags, HUCK specialty fasteners, process pumps for slurry, dewatering and municipalities, magnets, ceramics and industrial coatings for abrasion, wear, or ambient conditions, drill steel and deck bushings, screening and classification, deck panels, wire screens, rubber, and urethane products, conveyor idlers, trainers, and impact beds.

 In our Hibbing MN shop, we work on the following, magnetic separators wet or dry process, pump barrel assemblies, gear boxes for barrel assemblies, pumps, agitators, submerged bearing assemblies, hand-built cable cross-over mats, tanks, and light fabrication, magnetic pulleys.


What drives Champion Charter Sales and Service:


It’s our commitment to safety for our employees and then our commitment to deliver consistent results to our customer base by providing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. We are NOT a do-it-all all or ME-TOO company. We focus on what we’re good at and then excel at proving results that add value to our customer base.

Our employees drive Champion Charter.  We are made up of 27 individuals (people/families). We believe that our employees are the backbone of Champion Charter. Without those people showing up day in and day out, doing their best every day, I believe we would just be another place to work.


Champion Charter is a family-owned and operated business that is currently under its third generation of family ownership. We have employees that range from 1 year to 49 years of service. Between all of us, we have 341 years of combined service and experience. We are also unique in that we are mostly aligned and partnered with family-owned and operated manufacturers, OEM, and vendors.

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