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SAS Global Corporation - Premium Abrasion Resistant Steels & Hard Facing Materials

SAS Global Corporation's engineering capabilities have led to the development of over 50 unique patented products and numerous premium abrasion resistant materials, including their SureAlloy Brand of Premium Carbide Weld Overlay Products.


SAS Global Vanguard Alloy Wear Plate

Premium Wear & Impact Resistant Steel Plate

SureAlloy Premium Weld Overlya Products

Premium Chrome Carbide Overlay Products

SA400 Alloy Wear Plate.PNG

SA400 Alloy Wear Plate

SAS Premium Wear Resistant Alloy Wear Plate

sa550 Manganese Plate.png

SA500NM Manganese Plate

Manganese Steel Plate

Hardfacing and Joining Electrodes.png

Hardfacing and Joining Electrodes

Premium Wear Resistant Weld Rod and Wire & Weld Joints

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