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Naylor Pipe - Spiralweld Pipe Systems

Naylor Pipe Company offers the complete line of Spiralweld Pipe in diameters ranging from 4" to 102" with thicknesses from 14 gauge through 1/2" wall.  In addition to pipe, Naylor manufactures standard fittings, fabrications, and end connections, including the Naylor Heavy Duty Wedgelock Coupling.


Lockseam Spiralweld Pipe

Formed from strip which is lock-seamed over an internal mandrel

Naylor Spiral Buttweld.png

Spiral Buttwled Pipe

Made from steel strip on automatic equipment designed by Naylor

Wedgelok Couplings

Provide a simple positive connection that is anchored to the end of the pipe

Optional Connections

Standard Fittings

Available in carbon steel, alloys, and staineless steel

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