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Engineered Bucket Elevator

Engineered Bucket Elevator

A Link-Belt® designed bucket elevator is your assurance of quality and dependability, and the standard Type 1 and Type 7 SMH bucket elevators have many outstanding features:

-Standardization of designs that are dependable and versatile.
-Continuous or centrifugal type discharge.
-Rigid, strong, jig-built casings in perfect alignment and weather-tight.
-Two-piece hood permitting access to head section interior without disturbing machinery. Spring clamps -facilitate removal and replacement.
-Inspection hatch that can be easily lifted to view terminal machinery.
-Optional shaft mounted speed reducer drive- compact and easy to install.
-Large, latch-type doors located on front, back and sides of boot section to facilitate inspection, service, and cleanout.
-The head shaft is mounted in antifriction ball or roller bearing pillow blocks.
-Superior components: chains, sprockets, pulleys, belts, buckets, bearings, takeups, and drives.

Typical bulk handling applications include:
-Delivery of dry citrus pellets to railroad hopper cars.
-Elevating soda ash, fertilizer, or limestone to silo storage.
-Depositing food products into weigh hoppers.
-Lifting coal from track hoppers to storage silos.
-Elevate aggregate materials for ready-mix concrete plants.

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