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Electromechanical Feeder

Electromechanical Feeder

Syntron® MF heavy-duty electromechanical feeders are the heavy-weights of bulk material handling and are used for higher capacity requirements. The eight heavy-duty models handle capacities from 100 to 4,000 tons per hour.

MF Electromechanical Feeder Features

-Operating frequency - 1100 VPM at 60Hz
-Stroke: 0.25 - 0.36 inches
-Start and operate in empty or fully-loaded state
-Dependable, flexible, easily adjustable control
-Precise sub-resonant tuning ratio
-Stroke consistency and speed stability under varying material conditions
-Reduces effects of varying headload and material damping
-Structural strength
-Deep wing plates
-Unitized weldments
-Infinite unbalance adjustment
-Achieve desired stroke with easy adjustment
-Suitable for use in hazardous areas
-Explosion-proof motors required by coal, coke or other hazardous environments are available
-Bolt-in trough liners

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