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Traditional Wing Pulleys

Self-cleaning designs

Traditional Wing Pulleys

Also known as self-cleaning pulleys, wing pulleys are primarily used on the tail end of bulk handling systems where loose materials have a tendency to reside on the underside of the conveyor belt, causing damage to one or both components. Wing pulleys incorporate a non-continuous contact surface comprised of individual wings or fins. This construction results in the creation of open voids that allow loose material to fall away from the contact surface. In applications where continuous contact is desired, spiral wing pulleys can be utilized. The difference between wing pulley configurations is component thickness and the use of supplemental reinforcing agents. The thicker the components used, the greater the series name (heavy, mine, etc.). Furthermore, to brace the components under the heavier loads, wing pulleys utilize stiffening agents such as gussets and reinforcing rings between wing members. Because diameter plays a role in pulley capacity, not all configurations are available in all diameters.

The Dominator Heavy Duty Wing Pulley
The patented design of the Dominator 8-12” diameter Heavy Duty (HD) Wing Pulley maximizes the material cleanout rate by incorporating the proven design features of The Eradicator® Wing. Self-gusseted angled wings provide reinforcement to prevent wing fold over better than a non-gusseted design.

The Deflector® Wing Pulley
The Deflector® 14-52” diameter Heavy Duty (HD) Wing Pulley increases the performance of a traditional wing pulley with the addition of PCI’s proven and patented ports coupled with angled deflectors to continuously direct material to the outer edges of the pulley. The combination of these features enables the Deflector to cleanout 5 times faster than a traditional wing pulley.

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