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LED Warning Beacons

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LED Warning Beacons

HELLA Mining Warning Beacons come in a variety of styles and offer excellent beam control to ensure very good penetration of fog and dust while delivering high observability from a distance with minimal close-up glare.

HELLA Mining solid state LED Warning Beacons are gaining popularity due to their zero maintenance and long service life over conventional rotating beacons, particularly in harsh mining conditions. HELLA Mining LED Warning Beacons are available in a wide range of configurations including direct, magnet and pole mount versions and amber, red, blue, green and white LED lighting. Some units feature adjustable flash patterns. All HELLA Mining LED Warning Beacons are extremely robust, tolerant to severe vibration levels, very compact in design and they are covered by HELLA’s five (5) year warranty on light output, excluding environmental and physical damage.

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