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Heavy Duty Work Lamp

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Heavy Duty Work Lamp

HELLA Mining Work Lamps offer a range of state-of-the-art LED Work Lights for lighting mobile equipment.

HELLA Mining LED Work Lamps are designed specifically for heavy duty mobile equipment applications on haul truck, loaders, drill rigs, shovels, and bulldozers. HELLA Mining Work Lamps are built rugged with die cast aluminum housings and stainless steel mounting brackets. HELLA Mining LED Work Lamps are available in a wide range of lumens (light output) for use as headlights, backup lights and berm lights. HELLA Mining LED Work Lamps are also available in Wide Beam (close range) and Narrow Beam (long range) options. All HELLA Mining LED products are covered by a five (5) year warranty on light output, excluding environmental and physical damage.

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