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Direct Replacement for side tension wire cloth screen media


UNI-SHIELD SCREEN MEDIA is the only rubber screen media that utilizes encapsulated wire cloth technology to give the screen the structural integrity needed to survive the rigors of a day in and day out screening operation while offering the extended wear life customers have come to expect from using rubber media.

UNI-SHIELD is a direct replacement for side tensioned wire cloth screen media. It’s best suited for applications where abrasive material, sharp material, or higher tonnages are present.

UNI-SHIELD screens typically achieve 5-7 times the wear life vs its predecessor the wire cloth screen panel. The specialized rubber compound used in our UNI–SHIELD product allows for fantastic abrasion and cut resistance which is why it’s well suited for more aggressive applications than that of wire cloth or other urethane coated wire products.

UNI-SHIELD was designed to strike a balance between being rugged to increase wear life while keeping open area in mind to create a product that is not only highly productive but is also long lasting.

-Feed zone on portable plants
Hook Configurations
-Hooks both up
-One hook up / one hook down
Product Specs
-Custom designed screen size to fit any deck
-1.00” Standard thickness
-Precision made wire cloth internal structure
-Available opening sizes from .750” to 2.00”
-Available in 40 durometer and 65 durometer rubber

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