ANH Refractories – Refractory Materials

ANH Refractories is one of the world’s largest, most respected suppliers of refractory materials and is a full line supplier of refractory products and services. ANH Refractories provides a wide range of products from monolithics and brick to precast shapes and ceramic fiber.

# Product Name & Description Options
1 ANH Refractories Monolithics

ANH Refractories Monolithics

Monolithics come in a variety of types including Castables, Gun Mixes, Gun Plastics, and Shotcrete, and are available in a wide range of classes.
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2 ANH Refractories Basic Brick

ANH Refractories Basic Brick

Basic Brick is available in a wide range of classes including Alumina and Magnesia, alone or in in combination with Silica, Mullite, Chromia, Carbon, Fireclay and other materials suited for Iron, Steel and Cement/Lime applications.
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3 ANH Refractories Alumina-Silica Brick

ANH Refractories Alumina-Silica Brick

Alumina-Silica brick are based on natural and synthetic raw materials and represent a wide range of products.
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4 ANH Refractories Ceramic Fibers

ANH Refractories Ceramic Fibers

Ceramic Fibers are manufactured from different compositions of silica, lime, magnesia, alumina and zircon materials into several product block and blanket forms.
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