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ICS Wear Group can produce Carbon, Low Alloy Steel Castings, as well as many grades of Cast Iron with many specifications. The heart of the foundry is the three state-of-the-art Electric Induction Furnaces.

ICS uses high Automatic Molding Machines capable of producing 16 x 20-inch molds per hour. They have one Beardsley & Pipper and two BMM-CT6 molding machines.

They are set up to accommodate heat treating of castings and have two heat treat ovens to help meet all the customers' needs.

ICS Wear Group has a fully equipped Pattern Shop facility. Their laboratory staff is capable of providing chemical certifications for metal analysis and can arrange for tensile and hardness testing if needed. All this is done in-house by utilizing their arc-spark spectrometer, tensile tester, and Brinell testing equipment.

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