Our Story

Champion Charter has been serving our customers' and manufacturers' needs for over 65 years.

Champion Charter has been serving our customer’s and manufacturer’s needs for 70 years in the electrical and industrial equipment distribution and service markets.

Our growth depends on the growth and financial health of our customers and our suppliers. Our focus has always been in our long term customer base and the value added service we provide them. Our strength is our customers, sales personnel, administrative support, and our manufacturing partners. Together we make an unbeatable team!

We are excited about our future. Our personnel are experienced, willing, and delighted to serve you!

Please look to Champion Charter to provide intelligent solutions for your business challenges.

Our Purpose

  1. To provide our customers with quality products and service through our technical expertise which will enable them to find solutions to their business challenges and help them to grow their business and be profitable.
  2. To delight our customers and suppliers with our commitment to quality, service, loyalty and the expertise that we become invaluable to them now and in the future.
  3. To continually improve and expand our business by growing our product mix and our geographical areas.
  4. To operate a highly ethical, professional organization that is an alliance with our suppliers, customers, and employees.
  5. To provide our employees with a safe, dynamic, educational, fun, team oriented, and stable work place where they are provided opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally.
  6. To operate our business’s with best in class profitability as to contribute to the financial success of our customers, suppliers, and employees.
  7. To be good stewards of our environment and communities in which we operate.


  • Iron Mountain, MI
  • Ishpeming, MI
  • Hibbing, MN