Dual Wall Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe, Inc. prides themselves on quality and that is what you will find in their Dual Wall Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe Line.  They employ advanced Inertia welding technology, and Submerged Arc welding techniques - and utilize Premium Alloy Steel, thus delivering pipe with unmatched strength and durability.  They utilize the latest heat treatment technology to enhance the tool's joint and wear surfaces.  Tool Joints HT to 34 - 38 RC.

DPI's extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities enables them to offer RC pipe compatible to all major brands including Remet, Metzke, faber, Matrix, and CSR.

As a result of their focus on manufacturing the Industry's best Reverse Circulation Pipe, they invariably exceed the specification of original equipment manufactures.


  • Iron Mountain, MI
  • Ishpeming, MI
  • Hibbing, MN