VR Steel

# Product Name & Description Options
1 VR Dragline Bucket

VR Dragline Bucket

VR Steel's Dragline Buckets are site specific tapered or conventional design. There is no spreader bar required. This has rigging weight saving equaling increased payload. VR Dragline buckets...
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2 VR Dipper Bucket

VR Dipper Bucket

VR Dipper Buckets are designed to adapt to any shovel model. They are bottom centre latching with Hydraulic Dampers or Friction Snubbers. They can be rounded Cast or Flat plate lip. The VR...
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3 VR Hydraulic Shovel Buckets

VR Hydraulic Shovel Buckets

VR Steel Hydraulic Shovel Buckets are fully OEM compatible. They have customized volume to optimize production. The Hydraulic Shovel Buckets have a Plate or Cast lip design option and modular...
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4 VR Load Body

VR Load Body

VR Load Body is design to adapt to any truck model. It is ideal for rock, coal, & lightweight applications. This has rounded corners to assit with flow and reduce hang-ups. The VR Load Body Open...
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  • Iron Mountain, MI
  • Ishpeming, MI
  • Hibbing, MN