Huck® Powerig® Hydraulic Power Units

Huck® offers POWERIG® hydraulic power units for both in-plant and on-site use, in either electrically powered or gas operated models.    

# Product Name & Description Options
1 Huck® Model 918 Powerig®

Huck® Model 918 Powerig®

The Huck® Model 918 Powerig® is the largest hydraulic unit manufactured by Huck® and is built for high production applications.
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2 Huck® Model 940 Powerig®

Huck® Model 940 Powerig®

The Huck® Model 940 Powerig® is a portable unit designed for moderate production and repair applications.
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3 Huck® Model 913H Powerig®

Huck® Model 913H Powerig®

The Huck® Model 913H Powerig® is a portable, gasoline powered, hydraulic power source.
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